Learning Technology Hub Leadership

The Learning Technology Hub Leadership has oversight of operational activities, working closely with faculty, staff, and all learning technology committees and is chaired by the Academic Director of CTLT. The CIO and two senior staff from CTLT and UBC IT with oversight for learning technology operations are also members.

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Current Members

  • Simon Bates (Chair) – Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning, and Academic Director, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Jennifer Burns – Chief Information Officer, UBC
  • Claudio Pini – Director, Teaching and Learning Services, UBC IT
  • Marianne Schroeder – Senior Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Non-voting Attendee

  • Catherine Aldana – Executive Co-ordinator, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Terms of Reference


The Learning Technology Hub Leadership group makes recommendations to the LT Leadership Team (LTLT) on the evolution of the LT ecosystem. The LT Hub Leadership reports to LTLT and provides oversight of the other LTES committees.


  • Effective Learning Technology planning (LTES blueprint) and decision making for UBC.
  • Prioritization of operational activity.
  • Makes recommendations on the optimal F(f)aculty support and service model(s).
  • Determines lifecycle management of tools and services.
  • Provides oversight of LT operations, working through close interface across students, faculty, staff, CTLT, UBC IT and all LT committees.
  • Provides facilitation of topic-spefici think tanks as needed (e.g. edX, analytics).


  • Consultative and decision making body responsible for effective planning and oversight of operations related to the advancement of teaching and learning through the use of learning technologies.
  • Strategic oversight of University-wide systems, software, services and support that are primarily used for teaching and learning (including: classroom technology, mobile technology, media and content repositories).
  • Scope includes established (enterprise), emerging (pilot) and potential (innovation) LT tools and applications.

2017 Agenda Items

January 2017:

  • LTE Renewal Project update – Pilot course start up, pilot course evaluation, committee composition, vendor presentation planning, communications strategy, plans for visiting Faculties to discuss LMS transition support needs and preparations for LTLT and ITAC presentation
  • Learning Analytics update – implementation plan
  • Microsoft Collaboration

February 2017:

  • LTE Renewal Project update – preparation for vendor visits, update on Faculty visits to discuss LMS transition support needs, preparation for Associate Deans Academic meeting and next stage of procurement
  • Microsoft collaboration update
  • Learning Analytics update
  • Review draft guidelines and principles for piloting/selecting educational technology tools
  • LT Innovation Committee and Emerging Technologies Lab governance

March 2017:

  • LTE Renewal Project update – discuss next stage of procurement and Faculty visits to discuss LMS transition support needs
  • Preparation for LT Leadership Team meeting – Learning Analytics and LTE Renewal presentations

April 2017:

  • Coming soon

2016 Agenda Items

January 2016:

  • LT Governance Committee communications
  • LT Hub website
  • SASI Risk Assessment for LT Hub services
  • Digital Learning Environment strategy green light planning
  • Agenda planning for February meeting of LT Leadership Team

February 2016:

  • Review draft documents for Digital Learning Environment strategy green light planning
  • Review draft updates on LT Governance Committees
  • Finalize agenda for February meeting of LT Leadership Team

March 2016:

  • Strategies for coordination of projects across campus
  • Updates on scope and deliverables for LT Innovation Committee and LT User Committee

April 2016:

  • Discussion of LT User Committee Summary paper and feedback from LT Leadership Team
  • Follow-up on Digital Learning Environment project timing and stakeholder input from LT Leadership Team
  • Review of Guiding Principles for Digital Learning Environment Selection to be presented to LT Leadership Team in May
  • Preparation and planning for Digital Learning Environment approval steps

May 2016:

  • Review of presentation materials, including Digital Learning Environment Guiding Principles and Business Case, Learning Analytics Business Case and LT Innovation Pedagogical Priorities, for LT Leadership Team May meeting
  • Preparation for presentation at ITAC May meeting
  • Discussion of feedback and actions from LT Leadership Team on Digital Learning Environment Business Case and Guiding Principles
  • Discussion of evaluation process for Digital Learning Environment faculty secondees

June 2016:

  • Planning for Digital Learning Environment Project
  • Confirm Faculty Secondees to work on Digital Learning Environment Project
  • Review LT User Committee and LT Innovation Committee memberships

July 2016:

  • Rename DLE Project to Learning Technology Environment (LTE) Renewal project
  • Update from Strategist on LTE Renewal project faculty secondees

August 2016:

  • Update from Strategist on LTE Renewal project
  • Discuss draft of Teaching and Learning component for IT Strategic Framework
  • Review revised Functional maps
  • Planning for University of Cologne delegation

September 2016:

  • Planning for Town Halls and joint LT Innovation and LT User Committee meeting for input on LTE Renewal project
  • Confirm new members to join LT Innovation and LT User committees

October 2016:

  • Final planning for LTE Renewal Town Halls
  • Discuss LTE Renewal project timeline
  • Discuss LTE Renewal update for Executive and ITAC

November 2016:

  • Update on LTE Renewal Project – Phase 1 update, pilot course recommendations and Phase 2 planning
  • Learning data and analytics principles
  • Review Pedagogical Priorities document with Dr. Claudia Krebs, Chair, LT Innovation Committee

December 2016:

  • Update on LTE Renewal Project
  • Update on Learning Analytics