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ComPAIR is a peer assessment and feedback application in which students first answer a question posed by the instructor and then compare and respond to pairs of peer answers. For each pair, students pick the answer they think better meets instructor-set criteria (e.g., “Which is better articulated?”, “Which is more accurate?”) and write feedback to the authors.

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Getting started How do I get started?

Read more about ComPAIR:

  • Support site - See screenshots of the workflow, explore examples, and learn about best practices
  • Demo site - Try out comparing as a student or setting up assignments as an instructor

Faculty and staff at UBC can get started with ComPAIR by using either of UBC's learning management systems (LMS): Connect or Canvas. Through the LMS, you can set up a course in ComPAIR that will automatically be populated with your class list.

Use ComPAIR in your Connect course by:

  • Adding ComPAIR as an LTI tool in Connect.
  • Or contacting the LT Hub for assistance with this process.

Use ComPAIR in your Canvas course by:

  • Adding ComPAIR to the course's sidebar by editing the course's navigation settings in Canvas.
  • Adding a ComPAIR assignment to your course as an external tool in Canvas.
  • Or contacting the LT Hub for assistance with this process.

After the LTI link is set up, create your ComPAIR account and course by following the LTI link from within your LMS course.

Linking directly to a ComPAIR assignment via LTI

You can link directly to a ComPAIR assignment by using a specific piece of text that points to the assignment. This is called the "custom LTI parameter" and looks like this: assignment=********. You can find this value in ComPAIR by:

  1. Editing the assignment you want to link to in ComPAIR.
  2. Clicking the Copy? button at the top right of the assignment form.
  3. Pasting this value in the "custom LTI parameters" field in your LMS (see below for additional notes if you are using Canvas).

The "Copy?" button will only appear for ComPAIR courses that already have been linked via LTI, so make sure you have already set up your course through Connect or Canvas.

Additional notes on using ComPAIR with Canvas

  • Canvas currently does not support class list retrieval via LTI. This means students will need to follow the ComPAIR link from the Canvas course to initially register into the ComPAIR course.
  • Canvas currently does not easily support "custom LTI parameters" (as explained above). To directly link to a ComPAIR assignment in Canvas, you must add ?assignment=******** to the end of the URL when you select ComPAIR as an external tool within Canvas. For example, this might look like:********.

What tools can I use with this?

ComPAIR courses are created with Connect or Canvas, but you can use the tool inside or outside of Connect or Canvas.

Available support What support is available?

ComPAIR is being developed by UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units.

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