The Bb Student app has now been made available at UBC. It can be used to access courses and certain content/functions from the student perspective, and is available for Apple, Google, and Windows devices.


Connect was UBC's primary learning platform for delivering online course content. Canvas has been selected as the replacement for Connect.

Please note that Connect cannot be used to teach courses after August 2018. If you have questions about transitioning from Connect to Canvas, please contact your faculty's Instructional Support Unit or get in touch with the Learning Technology Hub.

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Faculty examples How are faculty using this tool?

UseCase JanLudert.png

Using Connect to Reduce Lecture Time

Jan Lüdert used Connect to organize his Political Science course. Read More... External link

UseCase EagleGlassheim.png

Connect for Flipped Classroom

Originally, Professor Eagle Glassheim and Tina Loo developed and taught HIST 106 together. At first, the course schedule... Read More... External link

Janey Lew ctltsmall.png

Providing Student Feedback using Connect

I've been a sessional instructor at a number of different institutions since 2010, and each time I've actively used the LMS system...Read More...

Getting started How do I get started?

You can log in to Connect at using your CWL to create and manage course content.

Blackboard—the company behind Connect—has extensive instructor resources on their site to help you get up and running.

What tools can I use with this?

Connect comes with numerous internal tools to expand your teaching options for courses. Among the most widely used are:

  • Announcements: post important announcements for students in your course to read when they log in.
  • Assessments: make quizzes and exams for students to take online.
  • Assignments: create assignments, add detailed rubrics, and manage student submissions.
  • Calendar: post an overview of due dates for assignments and tests for students to check.
  • Discussions: let students and professors create a discussion thread and reply to ones already created.
  • Groups: set groups to allow students to work with their peers on projects and assignments or discuss course topics.
  • Journals: create personal writing spaces for students in Connect.
  • Learning Modules: package up lessons into separate content modules for students to complete.
  • Mail: send mail to students enrolled in your course directly in Connect. This feature supports mass emailing to all students in the course.
  • Mobile App: mobile experience available for students. Supports many common course features.
  • Surveys: make questionnaires for students to take in Connect.

Connect is also configured to work well with other UBC tools. These include:

  • Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing – Set up web conferencing in a course, where participants can share whiteboards and screens, chat by voice or text, and engage in other ways like taking polls and answering questions.
  • CLAS – Embed the specialized CLAS media player for annotating videos.
  • Clickers – Upload grades from Clickers directly to Connect to give students credit for participation and attendance.
  • edXEmbed content from edX courses in Connect courses.
  • iPeer – Create iPeer courses from Connect courses and easily transfer over your student enrolment and groups.
  • Kaltura – Upload media to Kaltura for playback inside courses.
  • Library Course Reserves (LOCR) – Request course reserves and enable access to UBC’s Library electronic course reserves in Connect.
  • Piazza – Add a Q&A-style Piazza forum in Connect, allowing students and instructors to post and endorse questions and answers.
  • Respondus Quiz – Embed quizzes made with this tool into Connect courses.
  • UBC Blogs – Set up an external blog so students are able to access the blog within Connect.
  • Webwork – Create Webwork courses from Connect courses and easily transfer over your student enrolment.

Available support What support is available?

Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units. Additional expertise is available during workshops offered through CTLT’s Learning Technology Institute and Connect Institute. Check the events calendar for upcoming workshop times.

You can also view a list of previously reported issues.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

A UBC-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for Connect is maintained on this site. The questions are organized into five categories:

You may also want to read the step-by-step instructions for setting copyright status on files uploaded into Connect.

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