Spring Cleaning

Like any well-used space, Connect can become cluttered and messy as time goes on. Now is a good time to clean and organize your course to ensure that it is ready for the migration to a new system in the next few weeks and months. We suggest the following 1-2-3 workflow that may help with the process of ‘de-cluttering’ your Connect course.

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spring cleaning

Getting started How do I get started?

  1. Request a spring cleaning course by completing the Opt-In Form at: https://survey.ubc.ca/s/spring-cleaning/
  2. You will receive an email with more details once your spring cleaning course is created.
  3. Review the 1-2-3 workflow below and get started with your spring cleaning! Download PDF

spring cleaning

Step 1: Course Checklist

Are you a checklist kind of person? The pop-out Connect course map provides a great view of your course content in Folder View. This course menu becomes your checklist as you move through your “LTE” Spring Cleaning Connect course, deciding what to delete, and what to keep.


  • Click the Folder View on the Course menu
  • Click Expand All
  • Select all the content and copy into a spreadsheet or Word doc. (Right-click/paste special/text)


If you are a Google wiz, paste this checklist into Google Sheets, one course per sheet. Then share with the rest of the clean up team collaborators.

Step 2: Delete Content

Using the Course Map you generated in Step 1 as a guide, review your course content. Take the time to carefully go through your course using the ‘cleanup’ checklist. In general, we can divide the makeup of a course into two distinct parts: what we consider “content” and “user activities”.

For the most part, “content” from Connect will migrate to the new LMS, but not the “user activities”. User activities include things like access statistics, discussion posts, emails, quiz/survey attempts, grades, blog posts.

What migrates well?

Content Migration

  • A Learning Module containing a collection of content items.


  • Assignments
  • Quizzes/Surveys (in Quiz/Survey tools).
  • Question pools


  • Discussion Forums, and descriptions.

What does not migrate well?

  • Certain quiz question may not migrate
  • Files with long names
  • Internal links to other Connect course areas
  • Links to Content Collection folders
  • Groups tool cannot be migrated

Step 3: Reorganize Content

Take a moment to be sure to logically adjust any modules/folders that have content. Keeping the modules in a logical order helps you, your learners and co-instructors as they navigate your LMS and reduces support calls when someone can’t find an item they need.

Remember: No course migration is perfect – moving from one LMS to another is never a ‘one-to-one’ match. This means that your course will not transfer over exactly as it looked in Connect. You might actually find it easier to rebuild some components in the new system!

What happens next? Your courses' migration to the new system is dependent on your faculty's migration timeline.

Available support What support is available?

Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units.