Embed edX content in Connect

The edX Edge site has been configured to be a learning tool interoperability (LTI) provider to Connect, allowing instructors to embed content, problem types, videos, etc. from edX Edge courses into Connect courses. When this is enabled in a course, marks from gradable content are passed back from edX Edge to the Connect Grade Center.

General information about using the edX Edge environment as an LTI Tool Provider can be found on edX's site. Below you will find specific information about using this feature at UBC.

Generate an LTI URL

The first step in embedding edX Edge content is to generate an LTI URL. General information on generating the LTI URLs is available on edX's site.

The base LTI link to be embedded in Connect looks like this: https://edx-lti.org/lti_provider/courses/{course_id}/{usage_id}

You can add an individual component (individual problems or video etc), vertical (unit) or sequence (subsection) from an edX course to a Connect course.

To generate the required link:

1. For embedding a component or vertical (unit), find the usage ID by clicking the Staff Debug Info link when in the Edge LMS (when in staff mode).


The component usage ID is the value referenced by location =


The usage ID for a vertical (unit) is also found under the Staff Debug Info but referenced by parent block-v1:.

For a sequence, find the usage ID by viewing the page source. Click "View Page Source" in your browser and look for the usage ID under <div class=“course-content">.

2. To create the LTI URL, take the base URL and update {course id} with the course ID that appears in the course URL.

3. Add the appropriate usage ID you located to the end of the URL in place of {usage_id}.

The final URL will look something like:


Now you are ready to add content to Connect using the steps below.

Add Edge Content to Your Connect Course

To use edX course content in Connect, you add the links to the content from the Basic LTI tool.

1. In Connect, select your course.

2. From the course control panel, select Customization. In the Tool Availability section, verify that the Basic LTI tool has been enabled.

3. Open a Content Area page, and from the Tools menu, select Basic LTI.


4. On the Add link to Basic LTI Tool page, enter an identifying name and the URL for the edX content you want to include. The URL is the LTI URL that you determined for the edX course content, as outlined above.


5. Review the content to verify that it appears as you expect.

Lti blackboard example.png

Important: when you click the LTI link and end up with an empty page, it means that the course on Edge is not available yet. In Studio, under Settings/Schedule & Details, change the start and end dates and Save.