Technology Training Sessions

You can attend technology workshops to learn more about particular tools or drop in for one-on-one help around any teaching or technology challenge. These are the upcoming workshops and drop-in times—we look forward to welcoming you at any or all of them.

Technology Workshops

Learn about UBC’s core learning technologies by attending these tool-focused workshops. Sessions are held regularly, and you can use the registration links below to see upcoming dates and sign up for a time.

Exploring Zoom

Register for an upcoming Zoom workshop

Zoom is a ​video/audio web-conferencing and collaboration tool​ that lets you meet with students in real time and moderate classes, meetings, or other group collaborations virtually. Register to learn more about Zoom and best practices for using it to teach remote classes.

Teaching Online with Canvas

Register for an upcoming Canvas workshop

Receive an introduction to setting up your course and teaching online with Canvas, UBC’s primary all-in-one platform for delivering online courses. With Canvas, you can communicate and exchange materials with your students, as well as facilitate assignments, assessments, group work, and more.

Creating and Sharing Instructional Videos Using Kaltura

Register for an upcoming Kaltura workshop

Kaltura is a video platform that instructors and students can use to record and share video content in Canvas. Whether you want to create short videos to introduce yourself to your students, create lecture videos for your course, or record and share a synchronous Zoom session, this workshop will get you started. Register to attend a one-hour introduction.

One-on-One Training

Find one-on-one support by dropping in to any of our open help sessions.

Learning Technology Hub Virtual Drop-Ins

Monday – Friday | 9:00 – 4:30 | Join the online Learning Technology Hub

We offer daily virtual drop-in support for all UBC learning technologies. Find one-on-one support for developing pedagogical strategies, training with individual tools, and troubleshooting technical issues by clicking the link above during the scheduled time.

WordPress and Wiki Virtual Drop-In Clinics

Thursdays | 1:00 – 3:00 | Register for an upcoming WordPress and Wiki Clinic

An alternative to using Canvas for putting your course online is to set up a website on UBC Blogs or use the UBC Wiki. Get one-on-one support in using these flexible platforms for teaching and learning by clicking the link above during the scheduled time.

Online Learning Design Studio

Thursdays | 11:30 – 1:30 | Register for an upcoming learning design studio

Learning designers can help you explore ways to enhance your students’ online learning experience. Connect one-on-one with a learning designer during the weekly studio to discuss questions or receive feedback related to effectively transitioning your course online.