Learning Data Committee

The Learning Data Committee (LDC) provides high-level strategic direction for learning analytics projects and practices at UBC. In this work, the LDC effectively functions as a data steward and steering committee, proposing and implementing principles for how data related to learning should be collected, shared, and used across the institution.

The committee is co-chaired by the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning (UBC Vancouver) and Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning (UBC Okanagan). Members include faculty, staff, and students from UBC academics, research, ethics, legal, and IT.

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Current Members

  • Simon Bates (Co-Chair) – Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning
  • Brad Wuetherick (Co-Chair) – Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning (Okanagan)
  • Erika Brimacombe – Legal Counsel, Information and Privacy, Office of the University Counsel
  • Jennifer Burns – CIO and AVP, Information Technology
  • Marcela Hernandez – Chief Data Officer, Office of the CIO
  • Bowen Hui – Associate Professor of Teaching, Computer Science (Okanagan)
  • Leah Macfadyen – Associate Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Education (on leave)
  • Stephanie McKeown – Chief Institutional Research Officer
  • Stephen Michaud – Senior Manager, Learning Applications Integrations & Analytics, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (non-voting)
  • Firas Moosvi – Lecturer, Computer Science, Faculty of Science
  • Rella Ng – Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar
  • Jean Ruiz – Director, Research Ethics, Office of Research Ethics
  • Vancouver Student Senatortbd
  • Kevin Wang – student, Master of Data Science, Computer Science (Okanagan)
  • Tammy Yasrobi – Associate Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies (non-voting)

Non-voting Attendee

  • Catherine Aldana – Project Manager, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Terms of Reference


The Learning Data Committee steers and stewards UBC’s approach to learning analytics, ensuring that student data is thoughtfully collected, shared, and used to support and enhance teaching and learning across the institution.


  • Direction: Propose and implement principles, policies, and procedures regarding the use of student data to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Data Stewardship: Review and approve requests for access to learning data, including creating or updating request forms and processes where needed.
  • Dialogue: Consult and coordinate with UBC stakeholders, including student leaders, Senate committees, the Office of Research Ethics, and other groups working with learning analytics at UBC.


  • Provide strategic direction for learning data at UBC, including guidance on broad goals for learning analytics and potential related projects. This direction includes the following:
    • Setting priorities for UBC learning analytics projects and activities taking place at the central level.
    • Developing best practices around using learning data for learning analytics, academic analytics, and other similar purposes that aim to enhance teaching and learning.
    • Ensuring that learning data is collected and used in ways that comply with ethical and privacy requirements and concerns.


2024 Agendas


  • Review learning data request


  • Discuss learning analytics roadmap

Past Agendas

March 2023:

  • Introduction of new members
  • Overview of Learning Data Committee
  • Orientation for reviewing learning data requests
  • Review of new learning data requests
  • Overview of Learning Analytics services and steering function for LDC

May 2023:

  • Role of the committee in providing strategic direction for learning analytics
  • Review of completed and on-going activities from 2020 to 2023
  • Proposed areas of future work

March 2022:

  • Review new learning data requests

February 2021:

  • Review new learning data requests

March 2021:

  • Review new learning data requests

June 2020:

  • Review new learning data requests

February 2019:

  • Review draft with information for students re: learning data
  • Feedback and questions from "Access to Learning Data for Evaluation and Enhancement" form
  • Review new learning data requests

April 2019:

  • Review and discuss feedback on data access principles
  • Review and discuss new data access requests
  • Review and discuss learning data, analytics, and privacy documents for faculty and for students

September 2019:

  • Review of additions to "Answers to Questions from the UBC Community" section of the Learning Analytics website
  • Relationship between work of the Learning Data Committee and Data Governance Committee

February 2018:

  • Presentation: "Student privacy issues and rights" by Paul Hancock, Legal Counsel, Information and Privacy
  • Review and discussion of case study examples

April 2018:

  • Presentation: "Update on University Data Governance Committee"
  • Review revised "Data Access and Use - working assumptions" document
  • Review drafted "Data Access Ethics Review" process

May 2018:

  • Review revised "Access to Learning Data for evaluation and enhancement" document
  • Discuss "Data Access and Use" communications strategy

October 2018:

  • Case studies for discussion
  • Process for review of requests for access to learning data

May 2017:

  • Overview of project presentation
  • Discuss drafted "Terms of Reference"
  • Review principles to guide work of the committee

October 2017:

  • Learning Analytics Project: Update on faculty pilots and technical working groups
  • Review and discuss drafted "Purpose and Principles" document

November 2017:

  • Review of revised "Purpose and Principles" document
  • Review of prototype scenarios to surface data, security, and privacy implications