Instructional Support Units

Instructional Support Units offer learning technology help at the faculty level. Staff in these units have in-depth knowledge of what tools are used in your faculty and how to effectively apply those tools in a course. If your faculty has an Instructional Support Unit, they should be your first point of contact when you have issues with learning technology.

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Applied Science

Centre for Instructional Support (CIS)


Staff Email Phone
Melissa Li Sheung Ying, Director 604 822 9241
Sophie Spiridonoff, Educational Technology Consultant 604 822 9572
Steven Louie, Administrative Support 604 822 1432
Student Learning Technology Rovers


Email LT.hub@ubc.caPhone 604 827 4775 — Visit LT Hub online


Forestry Teaching and Learning Support (TLS)


Staff Email Phone
Michelle Zeng, Senior Manager, Educational Strategies 604 822 5432
Frederick Qi, Teaching & Educational Technology Specialist 604 822 1681
Fabian Lozano, Web Specialist 604 822 5294
Student Learning Technology Rovers See the current list of Forestry rovers

Land & Food Systems

The Learning Centre



Staff Email Phone
Student Learning Technology Rovers
Audiology & Speech Sciences
Andrew Hale 604 822 3422
Midwifery Program
Marisa Ortiz 604 875 2424 ext. 4046
Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapy
Nick Shum 604 827 3391
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Joanne Wouterse, Undergraduate Courses 604 822 7108
Heather Cheadle, Graduate Courses 604 827 5736
Physical Therapy
Carissa Dyck 604 822 2272
School of Population and Public Health
Stefan Mladenovic 604 822 4944
Other Medicine
For unlisted Medicine departments teaching with Canvas, please contact us at the Learning Technology Hub. 604 827 4775
For those faculty teaching with Entrada in the Undergraduate Medical Education or Postgraduate Medical Education program, please contact the MedIT Service Desk.

Peter A. Allard School of Law

Email LT.hub@ubc.caPhone 604 827 4775 — Visit LT Hub online

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Office of Educational Technology and Learning Designs (OETLD)


Sauder School of Business

Staff Email Phone
Sauder School of Business
Sauder Help Desk 604 822 0031
Student Learning Technology Rovers
Sauder Real Estate Division
Real Estate Division Office For technical issues:
For administration issues:
John Bridal, Associate Director Real Estate Division 250 642 0127


UBC Skylight: Science Centre for Learning and Teaching

Email skylight@science.ubc.caPhone 604 822 9846

Staff Email Phone
Science Learning Technology Support & Student Learning Technology Rovers
Chanelle Chow 604 822 1622
Chemistry IT Support
Peter Plett
Computer Science
Computer Science Helpdesk 604 822 1423
Tim Li 604 822 0085
Microbiology and Immunology
Tracy Kion 604 822 0085

UBC Extended Learning

Academic Services

Staff Email
Winnie Low, Senior Manager, Learning Technology, Learning Design and Media Development, Strategy and Operations
Josefina Rosado, Senior Learning Designer and Educational Technologist

UBC Health

Woodward Instructional Resources Centre


All Other UBC Vancouver Faculties

Email LT.hub@ubc.caPhone 604 827 4775 — Visit LT Hub online