LT Hub Support

The Learning Technology Hub is a central unit that supports the UBC community in using learning technology. We welcome your pedagogical and technical questions, and we will respond as soon as we can during our regular support hours.

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Additional Support

UBC tool guides

The instructor and student tool guides on this site offer how-to instructions and tips for common tools at UBC. You can choose a tool guide from our list or use our tool finder to find a tool first.

Learning technology updates mailing list

We have a mailing list for sharing updates with the UBC community about learning technology. You can subscribe to the updates to receive emails with LT Hub news and opportunities for technology-related engagement (e.g., pilots, consultations, participation in working groups or surveys).


About Us

The LT Hub encompasses more than 40 support staff, split into five smaller teams. Each team focuses on a specific aspect of learning technology, to ensure we have expertise across a range of key areas.

LT Hub Teams

  • Development & Operations (DevOps): The DevOps team ensures that our learning technology is technically taken care of with regular maintenance, upgrades, and innovation. The team also does in-house development.
  • Enterprise Video Platform: The Enterprise Video Platform team supports UBC’s main media platform, Kaltura, where faculty, staff, and students can create, store, and share multimedia content for use in Canvas or elsewhere.
  • Learning Analytics: The Learning Analytics team offers help in using analytics to innovate new technology, access data, and support research to improve teaching and learning.
  • Support: The Support team gives pedagogical and technical front-line support to UBC instructors, teaching assistants, staff, and students who reach out through email, phone, or an online visit. They also liaise with other LT Hub teams and other units across campus.
    • Support LTRs: Our Support Learning Technology Rovers (LTRs) are UBC co-op students who assist the team in providing front-line support and troubleshooting.
  • UBC Blogs & WordPress: The UBC Blogs & WordPress team supports use of these tools at UBC. UBC Blogs is an interactive website-building platform built on WordPress; WordPress helps instructors and students implement different themes and add-on tools without having to learn code.