Educational Media Support

Educational media support—including access to professional equipment, training, and troubleshooting—is available through UBC Studios and free to use for any credit course.

Media Consultations

A consultation meeting with UBC Studios

At any point during a project when you feel media content may help in achieving your learning objectives, please feel free to contact UBC Studios for a consultation meeting. UBC Studios staff with backgrounds in both media production and education will be happy to discuss your objectives and guide you through the process of creating media content, including the following.

  • Grant Proposals – If you are planning to apply for educational or research grants (e.g., TLEF, NSERC) and foresee media creation as part of your proposed project, UBC Studios can help with your proposal.
  • Scope, Production Format, and Budget – Considering your project objectives, UBC Studios can help you weigh different options and determine the scope of your project, decide on an appropriate format, and put together a budget.
  • DIY vs. Professional – Through media consultation, UBC Studios can help you decide whether you should create your media content yourself, produce it professionally, or use a combination of both.
  • 3D Digital Capture: UBC Studios is taking some specific faculty requests with its 3D learning service to create virtualized objects for teaching and learning.

Email UBC Studios at to book a consultation.


DIY Media Support

Do-It-Yourself media support

UBC Studios offers different types of studio space and media training for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects.

Studio Access

  • Lightboard Studio – In the Lightboard studio, you can use neon markers to create an innovative video presentation using the learning technology called Lightboard.
  • DIY Recording Studio – The DIY Recording Studio is a simple yet reliable video-recording tool that lets you create video presentations in a professional space with the press of a button.
  • Audio Desk – UBC faculty and staff may access this professional, single-microphone setup for audio voice-overs and basic podcasting recording.

Book your free studio session by emailing UBC Studios at or calling 604 822 9800.

Media Training


UBC Studios organizes a variety of small media-training workshops that focus on specific media-related topics, such as lighting or general filming tips. If your team or your course requires production training, email UBC Studios at for available training workshops or to set up a customized session.

Support Sessions

UBC Studios also provides DIY Media Support Sessions on the last Wednesday of each month from 10-11:30 a.m. These sessions are helpful for planning to produce any video content (e.g., lectures) for your course, especially if you don’t know where to start.

You can view and register for upcoming UBC Studios DIY Media Support Sessions through CTLT Events.


Small-Scale Productions

Stationary camera filming a studio shoot

UBC studios offers limited professional media production service for undergraduate credit courses. Email UBC Studios at to see if your project is eligible for this fully subsidized service.