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Ready to jump in and use a particular tool? Read the tool guides and find useful resources for integrating UBC’s learning technology tools into your course.

Highly-Used Tools

What is Canvas?

Canvas is UBC's primary learning platform for delivering online course content and the replacement for Connect (Blackboard Learn). UBC retired Connect on August 31, 2018.

In Canvas, instructors can share materials (text or multimedia), enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, and assign grades. Canvas can be used with many other learning technologies, such as iClicker and Piazza. Learn more about Canvas at UBC's Canvas website for UBC instructors or our website for UBC students

Self-enrol into Canvas 101. Canvas 101 is self-paced course designed to give you a basic overview of the features and functionality of Canvas and help you build your course with confidence.

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What is edX?

EdX is part of "the evolving ecosystem of learning technology platforms, tools and applications on campus" (see UBC edX Partnership). This provides as a platform for UBC MOOCs, and also supports a platform called Edge that can be used for regular UBC courses. Edge can be used to provide a blended learning experience for campus-based courses, it can also be used to support UBC online and distance courses. Both edX and Edge provide a course authoring tool called Studio.

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What are UBC Blogs?

UBC Blogs provide an interactive website platform where instructors and students can create content individually or collaboratively, resulting in outcomes like a course website, a group blog, a peer review space, or a personal portfolio or blog—all built on a flexible WordPress foundation.

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What is UBC Wiki?

The UBC Wiki is a campus-wide online platform for collaborative writing, where content can be created, viewed, and edited by any person who logs in with a CWL. Wiki content can also be embedded easily on UBC Blogs and UBC CMS sites. The UBC Wiki uses the open source MediaWiki platform, the same one that powers Wikipedia. There are a number of different ways to include wiki into your course.

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Other Tools