Interested in the initiatives underway related to growing and tending the learning technology environment at UBC? Learn about what’s in the works.


Faculty Working Groups

Faculty working groups are an important part of helping the LT Hub evaluate learning technologies to fill gaps in our ecosystem as they arise, such as tools used to facilitate student peer assessment assignments or run in-class polling. Instructors in working groups collaboratively develop core criteria to compare the tool options and provide recommendations on which technologies should receive central funding and support.

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Student Opportunities

We welcome student involvement and input in the LT Hub, primarily through co-op positions, participation in studies and committees, and hands-on hackathon events.

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Technology Pilots & Integrations

New learning technologies at UBC undergo a rigorous process of evaluation and preparation before rolling out to the wider community as officially supported technology. These are a few of the learning technologies currently being considered or assessed

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Open-Source Projects

Open-source projects are code-based learning technologies that are open to the public to view, download, install, and use. The LT Hub has started several open-source projects and contributes to existing open-source projects started by others.

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High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) through the LT Hub seeks to help students master complex problem-solving skills in the fields of data analytics, statistical modelling, and machine learning. Starting as a one-year pilot project, our HPC initiative for undergraduate teaching and learning will support faculty and student research activities.

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Learning Technology Environment Renewal

The vision of the Learning Technology Environment (LTE) Renewal project was to empower students and faculty in achieving their learning and teaching by choosing a dynamic, pedagogically sound, and user-friendly platform for online courses. This multi-phase project involved extensive community consultation to select Canvas as a replacement for Connect (Blackboard Learn), UBC’s previous platform.

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