Faculty Story: Kaltura for Dentistry

Read about a UBC example of using Kaltura, featuring Dr. Luana Carvalho, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry. Luana uses Kaltura to share demo videos and recorded lectures.

UBC Kaltura Example for Dentistry

How did you use Kaltura in your course and what made you decide to do this?

In my course, Kaltura played a fundamental role by facilitating the upload of demo videos and recorded lectures.

Integrated into Canvas, Kaltura allowed us to upload large files while maintaining quality and ensuring permissions were preserved without any loss.

The course itself follows a hybrid model, featuring both recorded and in-person lectures. Content is released weekly, a structure that was established prior to the pandemic and further solidified during it, as all lectures transitioned to being recorded.

What has been your experience so far?

Using the Kaltura “My Media” link in Canvas for lectures, videos, and demonstrations has proved highly effective.

Students have expressed appreciation for the recorded lectures, finding them beneficial for learning and reviewing course content. The videos—particularly those describing clinical procedures—serve to solidify understanding and assist during practice sessions.

These resources have become invaluable both before and during practical applications.

What are some challenges or successes in using Kaltura in your practice?

One notable success lies in the practical and user-friendly integration of Kaltura within the Canvas platform.

The embedding of the software has enhanced the overall experience for both instructors and students, minimizing potential obstacles to using video in a course.

What is your advice for new users of Kaltura?

Embrace the platform’s features and consider using it as a dedicated media storage accessible to students and instructors.

By doing so, one can ensure that valuable resources are readily available whenever needed, without compromising on quality.

Enjoy the benefits of Kaltura to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience.

Faculty and staff looking for Kaltura support, please contact us at the LT Hub.

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