Supported Browsers

This table shows which browser versions currently work with key learning technologies that are centrally supported at UBC. As a starting point, we recommend installing the latest version of at least one modern browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

What Our Learning Technologies Support

Please be aware that using an unsupported browser or an outdated version of a supported browser may result in features not working as intended. An outdated version of a browser typically means anything older than the last two versions.

Browser Support by Tool (as of June 2022)

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge



Find out which browser versions are supported


Yes Yes Yes Yes¹ All Canvas supported browsers »


Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes All Gradescope supported browsers »


Yes Yes Yes Yes All Kaltura supported browsers »

Microsoft OneDrive

Yes Yes Yes Yes All OneDrive supported browsers »

Microsoft Teams

Yes Partial

All features supported except outgoing sharing on non-Chromium Edge²


All features supported except calling; limited support for meetings


All features supported except 1:1 calling
All One MS Teams supported browsers »


Yes No Yes Yes All peerScholar supported browsers »


Yes Yes Yes Yes All Turnitin supported browsers »


Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Partial

Support for Chromium Edge only²

Yes Yes All Zoom supported browsers »

¹ Safari users have reported issues with downloading files, chat alerts, and displaying images in Canvas. Canvas is working on a solution for these issues. While still currently supported, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox on Mac.

² Not sure what we mean by Microsoft Edge Chromium? Find out everything you need to know about the new Microsoft Edge browser.