Technology Uses

Wondering about technology solutions to common teaching goals? Pick a use case and discover learning tools that can help you do more in the digital realm.

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Content Authoring

Do you want to make new materials to use in your course? These learning technologies can help you create engaging text, multimedia projects (including screencasts and lecture captures), and digital games.

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Content Delivery

Are you looking to put all or part of your course content online for students or the public at large? These learning technologies and sites allow for sharing course materials and streaming multimedia files.

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Are you interested in ways to post and receive student assignments and tests online or to ask for responses with technology in the classroom? These learning technologies offer methods of managing assessments.

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Peer-Based Assessments

Would you like to have students review or give feedback to their peers? These learning technologies let students assess one another’s individual work or participation in a group project.

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Do you want to help students work together more easily online? These learning technologies expand the ways that students can interact, using instant messaging, discussion forums, blogs, video platforms, and more.

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Feedback & Surveys

Are you curious about ways to solicit student input and run surveys? These learning technologies allow you to gather informal feedback (for formal course evaluations, see below).

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Video Conferencing

Are you interested in setting up synchronous video communication for your course? These learning technologies give you ways of creating live online spaces for interactions, lectures, or events.

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Would you like to show off a compilation of work done by your students or yourself? These learning technologies provide a few channels for building academic or professional portfolios.

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