Content Authoring

Tools for authoring content enable you to create rich course materials and cover writing online text or assignments, making videos or screencasts, capturing lectures, and building animations or games. The free tools below are great places to start for creating engaging content for your courses.

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Authoring — Course Materials

The UBC Blogs platform is good for:

  • Open and private sharing of course content
  • Online assignments and collaborative writing
  • Student-generated content and portfolios

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The UBC Wiki application is good for:

  • Open sharing and editing of course content
  • Student online collaborative writing with tracked revisions
  • Customized hierarchy/architecture of content

UBC Examples

Read about a instructor experiences using Wiki for flexible learning and blended learning environments.


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The Canvas platform is good for:

  • Creation of assignments and quizzes
  • Simple way to structure course content using Modules
  • Authoring with text and HTML editors

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The edX platform is good for:

  • Creation of advanced quizzes and some assignments
  • Customization of course content into sections and units
  • Authoring with text and HTML editors

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Authoring — Videos & Screencasts

The Camtasia software is good for:

  • Screencast recording
  • Basic video editing (e.g., add animations, quizzing, zoom/pan focus, and layering)
  • Separate audio editing
  • Easy video file exports that can be shared in Canvas or on social media

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The Kaltura platform is good for:

  • Video streaming and storage
  • Video embeds in Canvas
  • Video editing (e.g. adding chapters, closed captions, quizzes)

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The Snagit software is good for:

  • Screen capturing (images & video)
  • Image editing for customizations and enhancements (e.g., create simple animated GIFs)

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Authoring — Lecture Capture

The One-Button Studio tool is good for:

  • Do-It-Yourself lecture and presentation capture
  • Basic video recording in a professional studio
  • Easy video files “to go” on a USB when you finish

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The Lightboard tool is good for:

  • Lecture capture with a white board
  • Basic video recording

UBC Examples

Read about an instructor experience using Lightboard in an English course.


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The MediaSite platform is good for:

  • Lecture capture with multiple views
  • Video streaming (including live) and storage

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Authoring — Animations & Games

The VideoScribe software is good for:

  • Easy creation of educational animations
  • Basic video editing

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The Respondus Studymate software is good for:

  • Creation of learning games and activities such as flash-cards, self-quizzes, and crosswords
  • Integration of course content from Respondus Quiz, MS Word, or rich-text files

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