Tools for discussions encourage students to participate in web-based dialogue with their peers through forum threads or multimedia platforms. The tools below expand ways students can communicate and collaborate in your courses.

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Discussions — Text-Based


The Canvas platform is good for:

  • Course-level discussions or group-based discussions within Canvas courses
  • Forum-based discussion structure
  • Option to set graded discussions

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The UBC Blogs platform is good for:

  • Open and private sharing of course content
  • Online assignments and collaborative writing
  • Student-generated content and portfolios

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The Piazza application is good for:

  • Wiki-style collaboration and discussion
  • Customizable online polling

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The edX platform is good for:

  • Course-level discussions
  • Forum-style discussions with ability to filter and pin important threads

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The Mattermost application is good for:

  • Creating an online space for class and/or group collaboration
  • Enabling discussions through public and private communication channels and threads
  • Uploading and sharing files

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Discussions — Video-Based

The Web Conferencing application is good for:

  • Synchronous online lectures or presentations
  • Live chats with video, voice, and text
  • Online meetings with shared whiteboards

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The CLAS application is good for:

  • Annotated discussion of video content
  • Video streaming and storage

UBC Examples

Read about an instructor experience using CLAS in Education courses.


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