Technology Pilots & Integrations

New learning technologies at UBC undergo a rigorous process of evaluation and preparation before rolling out to the wider community as officially supported technology. Below are a few of the learning technologies currently being considered or assessed.

You can also see the status of recent pilots and integrations and read more about how formal pilots work at UBC.

Active or Upcoming Pilots


The LT Hub is looking for instructors to test student dashboards in their Canvas courses with My Learning Analytics (MyLA).

MyLA gives students insight into their engagement with the course content, encouraging them toward behavioural patterns that can improve academic outcomes. Two dashboards are available, and instructors can choose what is appropriate for their courses:

  1. Resources Accessed: Students can see which files, videos, and other course resources are accessed most often by their classmates. Resources are colour-coded in blue if the student has accessed them or in gray if they have not. Resources are active links that students can immediately open to access anything they have missed.
  2. Assignment Planning: Students can view their progress and upcoming assignments in two different ways, either by “Progress to Final Grade” or “Assignments Due by Date”. Students can also set course and assignment goals to help with their planning and engagement.

Please contact us at the LT Hub if you’d like to try out this new tool.


The LT Hub has enabled using GitHub for teaching and learning and is seeking instructors to try it out in courses.

GitHub is a collaborative version-control tool. Version-control tools are commonly used for managing code or other projects where you want a clear history of the development of shared work. UBC GitHub enables this collaboration and coordination for students and is powered by an on-campus version of GitHub Enterprise that works with UBC’s Campus-Wide Login (CWL). It also integrates with your course’s registration behind-the-scenes (using UBC’s ELDAP) for easy management of access.

Please contact us at the LT Hub if you’d like to try out this new tool.