Feedback & Surveys

Tools for feedback and surveys can solicit student input online or in the classroom and focus on generating responses about courses, instructors, or peers. The tools below can be used with a variety of approaches to ask students about their learning experience or other course-related topics.

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Feedback & Surveys — Online Questionnaires

The UBC Survey Tool application is good for:

  • FIPPA-compliant customizable online surveys with templates, question randomization, branching, and more
  • Management of sharing and access restrictions/deadlines for surveys
  • Analytical tools and reports for resulting data

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The edX platform is good for:

  • Easy embedding of external surveys from other tools (e.g., UBC Surveys)
  • Outcomes assessment

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The Piazza application is good for:

  • Wiki-style collaboration and discussion
  • Customizable online polling

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Feedback & Surveys — Classroom Response

The Clickers tools are good for:

  • In-class quizzes with instant results
  • Classroom polls for quick feedback

UBC Examples

Read about an instructor experience using Clickers in a Psychology course and Introductory Physics course.


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Feedback & Surveys — About Peers

The iPeer application is good for:

  • Peer-based assessments of group participation
  • Optional peer feedback on performance
  • Highly customize-able, rubric-based peer evaluations

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