Zoom add-on supports 300+ participants

March 12, 2021 at 12:29 pm

UBC instructors who teach large courses can now request a large meeting add-on for their Zoom account.

What does the Zoom large meeting add-on change?

Standard UBC Zoom accounts can support sessions of up to 300 participants and allow using up to 100 breakout rooms, whether these rooms are pre-assigned or assigned on the fly. With the large meeting add-on, your account can support sessions of up to 500 or 1000 participants, with the same option to use up to 100 breakout rooms.

In Zoom, breakout rooms are used to split a main session into separate, smaller sessions, allowing students to interact in groups. The large meeting add-on allows instructors of larger courses to also make use of this feature.

How do I request the Zoom large meeting add-on?

To request the large meeting add-on, contact your helpdesk as specified below:

Keep in mind that larger meetings take up more computer resources and are best run on newer computers using hardwired Internet (rather than a Wi-Fi connection). You may also want to consider adding co-hosts, such as teaching assistants, to help manage the breakout rooms for these larger class sizes.

More information on Zoom

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