UBC renews plagiarism-prevention tool Turnitin

October 15, 2021 at 4:00 pm

UBC will continue to support Turnitin as its primary plagiarism-prevention tool, following the final recommendations of the Plagiarism Tools Working Group. The contract extends our license for at least a year until August 31, 2022, with the option to renew for another two years.

Why Turnitin was chosen

Over the summer, our working group of faculty, students, and staff evaluated the tools that can check written work for plagiarism. After several discussions and demos, the group unanimously agreed that Turnitin still offers the best tool in this space.

  • Turnitin has improved its privacy compliance to better abide by FIPPA and potentially support better integration with Canvas.
  • Compared to other similar tools, Turnitin has the most flexible configurations for assignments.
  • Turnitin’s features include the ability to score assignments directly in the application and re-use the written feedback for students.
  • Turnitin provides comprehensive options for instructor and teaching assistant settings as well as the strongest support for multilingual plagiarism-checking.
  • As a tool already in use at UBC, Turnitin offers a familiar interface for instructors and students.

Where to learn more about Turnitin

An updated UBC Turnitin instructor guide is now available. The guide walks through steps for setting up and using Turnitin, with tips and frequently asked questions that are specific to the UBC context.

You can also get familiar with Turnitin’s features or contact us at the LT Hub to get started with your own Turnitin account.

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