New support is available for developing learning technologies at UBC

July 20, 2023 at 4:05 pm

The LT Hub is launching a new initiative to support UBC instructors who develop learning technologies. The Learning Technology (LT) Incubator is a way for instructors with funded learning technology projects to collaborate with us and receive dedicated technical and project management support. This additional support can help you focus on bringing your project to life, rather than getting bogged down in administrative details.

How the LT Incubator works

Once your learning technology’s project funding is secured, you can reach out to us in the LT Hub. We will discuss your idea to determine if it is a good applicant for the LT Incubator. Projects can then be submitted using the LT Incubator expression of interest form.

If your project is accepted into the LT Incubator, you will become the product owner. Product owners are the strategic thinkers for a project, setting the direction for the learning technology and its technical priorities. Meanwhile, the team on the LT Incubator side will focus on executing the project. They will provide technical expertise, hire and manage the project team, and handle any privacy or security requirements for the technology.

Note that projects accepted into the LT Incubator will not necessarily be adopted, supported, or funded as central learning technologies at UBC. However, by working with the experts in the LT Hub, these projects will be well set up for broader piloting, evaluation, and possible adoption.

Where to find out more about the LT Incubator

You can read more on our new LT Incubator information page. This page gives further details on the collaboration roles, collaboration benefits, and funding approaches for the LT Incubator. You can also always reach out to us in the LT Hub with questions.

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