Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) Student Guide

Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) is where you can access certain required readings and other materials for courses—also called course reserves—that instructors make available for you through UBC Library. You can access LOCR and the materials it contains either from your Canvas course or by visiting the standalone LOCR site.

LOCR is FIPPA compliant (i.e., it follows provincial privacy policy) and all data is stored securely in Canada.

What will I use it for?

You can use LOCR to access library materials specific to each of your courses:

  • Reading articles and books
  • Viewing web and media resources
  • Accessing PDFs of book chapters

What to know about LOCR

During the physical closure of UBC Library branches, access to physical print course reserves is not available. Your instructor will instead have you use electronic versions of physical print materials, where possible.

What do I need to use LOCR?

A supported web browser

LOCR runs in your web browser and supports using the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

A course that uses LOCR

You will see a list of materials in LOCR for a course only if your instructor has requested these materials as course reserves through UBC Library and a librarian has approved them.


  • If you recently registered in a course that is using LOCR, it may take up to 48 hours for LOCR to give you access. If you still have trouble accessing your course reserves after a couple of days, please contact your instructor for help.

How do I use LOCR?

Click any bar below for instructions and tips for using LOCR.

Access your course reserves in LOCR

There are two ways you can access course reserves in LOCR: from inside a Canvas course or from the standalone LOCR site.

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Click the course from your Dashboard.
  3. Click Library Online Course Reserves in the Course Navigation.
  4. The LOCR site will open, and you will see a list of course materials to select from.


  • Not all instructors will add LOCR to the Course Navigation in Canvas. If you can't find LOCR in the Course Navigation, check if your instructor has instead put links to LOCR in the course modules, or log in to the standalone LOCR site.
  1. Log in to the standalone LOCR site using your UBC CWL.
  2. Under "My Courses", click the course of interest.
  3. You will see a list of course materials to select from.


  • You can filter the list of your courses by selecting "Show current and future courses only" and/or "Show courses with readings only". You can also turn off these filters to see and access past courses.

View your course reserves in LOCR

In LOCR, you can click any course to see its list of course reserves. You can filter this course reserves list using a search box, and search by title, author, or tag. Instructors may use tags to help describe and organize the material—for example, adding a "Week 1" tag to all material that should be read in the first week of the course.

Each item in the course reserves list will show whether you've clicked previously to access it or not, and clicking any item title will allow you to view the electronic item directly or see where a physical item is available on campus.

Each electronic item has a start and end date that sets when it is available to you in LOCR. These availability dates mean you may not be able to access all the course reserve materials after the course ends. Make sure to download any material you want to have access to before the course ends.

Where can I get more support with LOCR?

Technical support

If you have trouble with LOCR:

  • Contact your instructor or teaching assistant as your first point of contact.
  • If you are encountering errors when accessing an electronic item, contact your Library branch. If you do not know your branch, click the “Need Help” tab inside of LOCR.
  • Contact us at the LT Hub for further assistance:
    604 827 4775 or or visit the LT Hub online

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