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Mattermost is an open-source chat tool that facilitates collaboration by supporting text chat, group messaging (via public & private channels), file sharing/uploading, and tagging/searching. Real-time and asynchronous communication are combined, meaning quick flurries of messages and threaded discussions can coexist in an "anytime" communication environment.

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How do I get started?

There is a cost associated with the use of this service - instructors should check in with their respective unit to see whether funding is available for Mattermost.

We offer an instance of Mattermost that is available for teaching and learning purposes at UBC. You can get more familiar with Mattermost and its features by visiting the application's support site. An user guide template is also available for customizing to give to students.

To request a Mattermost Team, please fill out the following webform: Learning Tool Setup Request Form

Mattermost teams can be created one of two ways: as a credit course linked team, or a manually-managed team.

Credit Course Linked Mattermost Teams

These teams are linked to a credit course (or multiple courses crosslisted into one team). Students that enroll in the class are automatically added to the Mattermost team, and they can log in/access the team via CWL. Any course teaching/support staff are also added manually to the course by the LT Hub.

Manually-Managed Mattermost Teams

These teams do not automatically add any user enrollments. After creating the team, you will be provided with an enrollment link, which you can share among your team's participants. They will need a CWL in order to access Mattermost - if necessary, a sponsored CWL account can be set up for them.

If you have any questions, please contact the LT Hub for details.

What support is available?

Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units.