Project Governance

Two governance committees oversee the Learning Analytics project. The Learning Data Committee is leading the development of principles and a policy framework to support the aims of the project. The project Steering Committee oversees the activities of the community engagement and technical strands of the project.


The following high-level structure will be used for project governance and operations for Learning Analytics.

Learning analytics governance


The Learning Data Committee is a high-level academic committee charged with discussing and proposing institutional principles, policy, and practice with respect to learning data. This committee will advise the Learning Technology Leadership Team, explore some of the “big issues” around collection and use of learning data, and engage with stakeholders groups and committees across campus.

The project Steering Committee advises on the priorities and direction of the project’s community engagement through research pilots (LA Research in the above diagram) and technical infrastructure work (LA Technical).

The majority of the implementation efforts for the research pilots and technical infrastructure work is being carried out by two project working groups, both reporting to the Steering Committee. The project Learning Analytics Research and Community Engagement working group is led by Ido Roll (Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation, CTLT). The Learning Analytics Technical working group is led by Derek White (Senior Manager, Learning Applications, Integrations and Analytics, CTLT).