Innovation Committee

Prior to 2021, the Innovation Committee identified opportunities for new learning technologies based on pedagogical research and on consultations with peer institutions and colleagues at UBC and beyond. The committee recommended pedagogical priorities for UBC and technologies to pilot. This committee was replaced by the Learning Technology Advisory Group.

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Past Members

  • Natasha Boskic – Director, Learning Design, Professional Development and Community Engagement, Faculty of Education
  • Loch Brown – Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts
  • Gregory duManoir – Senior Instructor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health & Social Development (Okanagan)
  • Jon Festinger (Co-Chair) – Faculty in Residence, Emerging Media Lab, and Adjunct Professor, Peter A. Allard School of Law
  • Claudia Krebs – Professor of Teaching, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
  • Jason Lieblang – Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Faculty of Arts
  • Tiffany Timbers – Instructor, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science

Non-voting Attendee

  • Catherine Aldana – Project Manager, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Terms of Reference


The UBC Innovation Committee determines the University’s pedagogical priorities in the selection of technologies for the learning ecosystem. The Innovation Committee reports to the LT Hub Leadership group and receives input from the User and Operations Committees.


  • Agree on the pedagogical priorities that drive learning technology selection and prioritization.
  • Tracking of LT developments and research information on learning effectiveness through technology (internal and external) to determine applicability in the context of UBC’s teaching and learning priorities.
  • Identification and evaluation of LT innovation opportunities.
  • Serves as a channel for faculty and student communications and feedback.
  • Set the criteria for selection of new learning technology components in the ecosystem.
  • Recommends to the LT Hub Leadership group technologies to pilot, resource allocation, and strategy to pilot technologies to mainstream.


  • Determines pedagogical priorities for the selection of learning technologies.
  • Scope includes emerging (pilot) and potential (innovation) LT tools and applications.


Past Agendas

January 2019:

  • Environmental Scan of Learning Technology in Higher Education - presentation and discussion
  • Review of input mapping Pedagogical Priorities, Transformative Learning Strategies from Strategic Plan and learning technology tools
  • Review of timeline, preparation and next steps to draft paper

March 2019:

  • Discuss feedback and revisions to draft paper

November 2019:

  • Goals and Strategies for the upcoming year
  • Updates on draft paper - Recommendations for LT Investments

December 2019:

  • Discuss further revisions to draft paper and next steps

January 2018:

  • Planning for Innovation Summit

February 2018:

  • Planning for Innovation Summit

March 2018:

  • Planning for Innovation Summit

April 2018:

  • Planning for Innovation Summit

September 2018:

  • Plan for 2018-19
  • Discussion around pre-reads, including 2018 NMC Horizon Report and Strategic Plan-identifying common themes and priorities

October 2018:

  • UBC Strategic Plan priorities
  • Mapping research topics to Transformative Learning Strategies outlined in Strategic Plan

November 2018:

  • Mapping Pedagogical Priorities, Transformative Learning Strategies from Strategic Plan and technology topics

January 2017:

  • LTE Renewal Project update
  • Discussion of Teaching and Learning Strategy with Hugh Brock, Associate Provost, Academic Innovation

February 2017:

  • Emerging Media Lab presentation and governance discussion
  • Mapping Pedagogical Priorities with the Teaching and Learning Strategy

March 2017:

  • Presentation on launch of call for innovation proposals for Learning Analytics and 3-D Learning
  • Mapping Pedagogical Priorities

April 2017:

  • Discuss relationship with Emerging Media Lab
  • Recommendations for moving forward with innovation proposals for Learning Analytics and 3-D Learning
  • Technological Priorities and recommendations for investment

June 2017:

  • Half day retreat to discuss group Pedagogical and Technological priorities and make recommendations for investment

September 2017:

  • Update on Learning Analytics and 3-D Learning engagement projects
  • LT Showcase
  • Proposed Learning Innovation Summit
  • Emerging Technology Priorities

October 2017:

  • LT Showcase: Teaching with Technology call for proposals
  • Planning for Learning Innovation Summit

November 2017:

  • Planning for Innovation Summit
  • Next steps for Term 2

January 2016:

  • Adaptive Comparative Judgment (ACJ) tool presentation
  • Review and discussion of teaching innovations inventory and framework
  • Discuss procedure for accepting pilot proposals or proposals about technology for consideration by the Committee

February 2016:

  • Presentations and discussion of what UBC should concentrate on for the future of pedagogy/education

March 2016:

  • Presentation and discussion of rough cut of student video - how do you learn?
  • Presentation and discussion of LT User Committee summary report and functional map with Catherine Rawn, Chair of the LT User Committee
  • Discussion of pedagogical priorities and next steps for all day April retreat

April 2016:

  • All Day Retreat to workshop pedagogical priorities, including criteria, enablers and barriers

May 2016:

  • Presentation of Committee's draft summary, "Defining UBC's pedagogical priorities, finding enablers and suggesting technological solutions", and discussion with Eric Eich, Vice-Provost and AVP Academic Affairs, and Chair of the LT Leadership Team

September 2016:

  • Joint meeting with LT User Committee for update on LTE Renewal Project

October 2016:

  • Review and discuss Terms of Reference
  • Follow-up discussion from September joint LT Committee meeting
  • Discuss revisions to Pedagogical Priorities document

November 2016:

  • Discuss draft use cases for LTE Renewal Project
  • Discuss and finalize Pedagogical Priorities document