Tools for assessments allow instructors to build or ask for online assignments and tests as well as use technology for generating responses in the physical classroom. The tools below all have the capacity to manage student answer submissions, though the complexity of assessment type depends on the tool.

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Assessments — Online Assignments & Tests


The Canvas platform is good for:

  • Online quizzes with 12 supported question types
  • Online assignments supporting individual, group submissions or peer reviews
  • Question banks

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The edX platform is good for:

  • Online assessments a variety of advanced question types
  • Option for graded or non-graded quizzes
  • Forum-based assessments and peer assessments

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The UBC Blogs platform is good for:

  • Open and private sharing of course content
  • Online assignments and collaborative writing
  • Student-generated content and portfolios

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The Crowdmark application is good for:

  • Online grading and feedback for paper-based or digital exams and assignments
  • Streamlined management of team grading

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Gradescope Logo

The Gradescope application is good for:

  • Online grading and feedback for paper or digital-based assessments and assignments
  • Ease of use to build rubrics shared by all graders
  • View overall statistic of the entire class

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The Respondus Quiz software is good for:

  • Online assessments, questions, and test pools in Canvas
  • Batch publishing of assessments and surveys to multiple courses in a single step

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The Turnitin application is good for:

  • Plagiarism checks for written work
  • Peer feedback on assignments

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The Webwork application is good for:

  • Online math and science assignments
  • Instant feedback on answers to problems, individualized problems, and real-time statistics

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The Proctorio online application and service is good for:

  • High-stakes online exams that require proctoring
  • Flexible online exam scheduling, where students can take quizzes and exams at any time
  • Customizable automated services, which may include recording video, audio, and/or screen

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Assessments — In-Classroom Response

The Clickers tools are good for:

  • In-class quizzes with instant results
  • Classroom polls for quick feedback

UBC Examples

Read about an instructor experience using Clickers in a Psychology course and Introductory Physics course.


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