Learning Technology Environment Renewal

The Learning Technology Environment (LTE) Renewal project is a high-level consultation with UBC faculty and students to determine the requirements for the next phase of UBC’s learning technology ecosystem, including what comes after Connect. You can read the ongoing results and updates in this section of the LT Hub, as they become available.

Project Overview

In the 2016/17 academic year, the LTE Renewal team is consulting university-wide to collect and analyze the requirements to determine how the UBC Learning Technology Environment needs to change to better support teaching and learning. These results will be used to select the application that sits at the core of our Learning Technology Environment. This project is driven by the vision and principles stated in the LTEP project.


In order to achieve this vision, seven faculty and four students were recruited to engage with their peers and facilitate discussions on the future of learning at UBC. This process will eventually result in the implementation of an environment that:

  • Emphasizes teaching and learning and the needs of faculty and students
  • Is chosen by consulting with faculty and students, led by a group of their peers
  • Includes input from all stakeholders , putting the needs of students and faculty first

Since its inception, the project has included analysis of the current LTE options. Based on information gathered during the consultations, the University released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the core functionality needed in the LTE. The University established an Evaluation Committee to review the resulting bids, with representation from the Learning Technology governance committees, Learning Technology Environment faculty and students, UBC IT and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. The committee is chaired by a faculty member, and there are three faculty members and one student on the committee.

Project Timeline