Changes to iClicker—end of UBC support for Classic and student remotes

August 16, 2021 at 1:58 pm

UBC and the LT Hub are no longer offering central support for iClicker Classic and the associated iClicker student remotes (or ‘clickers’).

As such, we are recommending that the UBC Bookstores no longer stock iClicker remotes. Going forward, if you wish to use iClicker remotes in a course you must request the Bookstore stocks them as with other course-specific materials.

This change does not impact iClicker Cloud, which continues to be centrally supported and funded for all UBC faculty and students.

Why is support for iClicker Classic and student remotes ending?

iClicker Cloud is currently funded for all UBC faculty and students and is used through a web browser or app on an existing device — removing the burden of the cost of purchasing a remote that is passed on to students when using iClicker Classic.

iClicker Cloud also offers additional features compared to iClicker Classic, including additional polling types.

I have a specific use case that iClicker Cloud doesn’t address, who should I talk to?

We anticipate that iClicker Cloud should meet the needs of the vast majority of classrooms. If you have exceptional needs, please contact your instructional support unit or contact us at the LT Hub to discuss your use case.

Learn more

Learn more about using iClicker Cloud in UBC’s iClicker Cloud instructor guide and iClicker Cloud student guide.

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