Improvement to how iClicker Cloud works with Canvas coming for July 2023

April 21, 2023 at 11:15 am

iClicker Cloud is an online student response system that allows you to pose questions during a class session that students answer using their computer or mobile device. On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, the LT Hub will improve how iClicker Cloud and Canvas work together by switching to a new integration.

Once you enable the new “Roster & Grade Sync” integration in an iClicker Cloud course, it will automatically add students enrolled in your Canvas course to your iClicker Cloud course. With this automation, you will no longer need students to manually join each iClicker Cloud course. Students will instead be ready to participate in iClicker-based course activities immediately after they log in to iClicker Cloud.

What do I need to know?

  • You will not need to do anything to prepare. The switch should happen seamlessly, and the improvement will be in effect from July onward for each new iClicker Cloud course that you connect with Canvas.
  • If you set up iClicker Cloud with Canvas ahead of time for courses happening in July, you will want to ensure that they are switched to the new integration after June 28. Ensuring the switch involves changing the integration manually in the course settings on

    1. After June 28, log in to the iClicker Cloud instructor web interface at and click your course name.
    2. Click Settings in the sidebar navigation.
    3. Click the Integrations tab, move the Grade Sync Integration toggle to "Off", and click Save.
    4. Click Settings again in the sidebar navigation, and go back to the Integrations tab. Click the Connect to Canvas button that now appears.
    5. Canvas may ask you to authorize iClicker to access your account. Click Authorize.
    6. Select the course and click Next.
    7. If needed, select the section(s) and click Next.
    8. Click Sync Roster Now, then click Close once the sync is complete.
    9. Click Save at the top right of the page, and you will be set up to use the new integration.

  • After the switch, you will no longer see an “iClicker Sync” item added to the Course Navigation in Canvas. To connect iClicker Cloud courses with Canvas, you will use the web interface at
  • The new integration supports the same options for sharing grades. You can send iClicker Cloud grades for each student to the Canvas Gradebook either
    • as one aggregate iClicker Cloud score column (combining scores from all iClicker Cloud sessions) or
    • as multiple iClicker Cloud score columns (showing one score for each session).

Our iClicker Cloud instructor guide and iClicker Cloud student guide will both be updated with steps reflecting the new integration, once we switch. If you have other questions about the switch or about iClicker Cloud, feel free to contact us at the LT Hub.

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