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The UBC Wiki is a campus-wide online platform for collaborative writing, where content can be created, viewed, and edited by any person who logs in with a CWL. Wiki content can also be embedded easily on UBC Blogs and UBC CMS sites. The UBC Wiki uses the open source MediaWiki platform, the same one that powers Wikipedia. There are a number of different ways to include wiki into your course.


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Compose & Edit Contribute Discuss Review!
Work collaboratively to create, edit and publish content. Revise or add to existing content developed by others. Utilize the discussion space to pose questions and start conversations with the community. Take a look at the revision history to see how the content has evolved overtime.

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Anyone with CWL, including faculty members, students and staff, have access to the Wiki. can You can log in with your CWL to start and edit your wiki article and/or invite students to do the same. UBC Wiki has its own help page, which has detailed documentation on getting up and running with wiki.

For your students... you can direct them to additional resources on the Learning Commons - Wikis

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Faculty examples How are faculty using this tool?

UseCase JaniceStewart.jpg

Janice Stewart in GRSJ uses UBC Wiki

GRSJ 224 is a Flexible Learning Pilot Project linked with a popular undergraduate course offered by the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ). Read More... External link


FNH200 Wiki for Blended Learning Environment

Judy Chan started using the UBC Wiki to deliver course content. Chan teaches FNH 200, a multi-section course that is both online and face-to-face. FNH 200 is also taught by multiple instructors across the continent. Read More...

Getting started How do I get started?


Planning starts with considering the kind of learning you want to support. Consider:

  • How will a wiki help support my goals for student learning?
  • What lasting benefit might students derive from my use of the wiki?
  • What will they/ I need in the way of support to get started?

Wikis are particularly good at supporting:

  • Collaboration: afforded by open editing and discussion page features.
Example: Dr. Tina Loo, Professor of History | HIST396: Environmental History of North America
Example: Urban Geography|
  • Authentic practice: by engaging students in producing useful and sustainable resources that contribute to knowledge in a particular field.
Example: Dr. Jon-Beasley Murray, Associate Professor of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies | Latin American Studies
Example: Dr. Janice Stewart, Dr. Lori Macintosh, Professors in the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice | GRSJ224A: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice in Literature
  • Communication and digital media practices: related to writing and publishing for public audiences and may incorporate the creation and use of media (beyond text) to support the work.
Example: Math Exam Resources - resources developed by graduate students in the Math Department.
  • Shared learning resource development: which may include a student generated reading/resource list or annotated bibliography or fully developed learning resource.
Example: Case Studies in Sustainability


We have highlighted 5 different wiki options so that you can compare functionality according to your needs. Bring your questions about any aspect of functionality to the Learning Technology Hub - we are happy to consult with you about your project and your needs.

Canvas UBC Wiki Wikipedia Wiki Educator EdX Wiki
CWL correct Tick.svg wrong wrong correct
Hosted Locally wrong correct wrong wrong wrong
Open to public view wrong correct correct correct wrong
Open for public editing wrong correct correct correct wrong
Instructor Management
Track revision history correct correct correct correct correct
LaTeX integration wrong correct correct correct correct
Permalink function wrong correct correct correct wrong
Embed wiki content to WordPress[1] wrong correct correct correct wrong
Student Control
Use of wiki-markup wrong correct correct correct correct[2]
Multimedia content correct correct correct correct ?
Allowing for Discussions correct correct correct correct wrong
Search ability/queries wrong correct correct correct correct
Print and Export to PDF wrong correct correct correct wrong
In-house support correct correct wrong wrong correct
  1. Wikis can be embedded to WordPress via Wiki Embed which are activated on UBC Blogs and CMS(WordPress).
  2. edX has its own wiki markup language

What tools can I use with this?

Content from the Wiki can easily be embedded into UBC Blogs and other sites built on the WordPress platform.

Content from YouTube, Kaltura, and other external media sources can be embedded on UBC Wiki pages.

Available support What support is available?

Contact wiki.support@ubc.ca with questions. Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub. Additional expertise is available during CTLT’s weekly “WordPress and Wiki Clinic”, generally held on Thursdays. Check the events calendar for upcoming clinic times.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

UBC keeps a FAQ list in the Wiki.

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