Clickers are wireless handheld devices that allow students to respond individually to in-class polls and quizzes, sending instant responses from the whole class to the instructor's computer. Clickers are also known as a type of Classroom Response System (CRS).

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Faculty examples How are faculty using this tool?

UseCase MarcelloPavan.png

Using iClickers in Physics Courses

Marcello Pavan uses iClickers to get the class engaged. Breaking up the lecturing with an in-class activity really helps to keep the class focused and interested. iClickers are great for checking if most students are "getting it”, and if not, it provides a perfect segue into a class discussion...

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UseCase CatherineRawn (1).jpg

Using iClickers in Psychology Courses

Catherine Rawn uses clickers every class period for numerous purposes. She asks "multiple choice questions to test whether students understand a previous concept before moving on to something new, to spark discussion... (ARTS ISIT, 2016)

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Getting started How do I get started?


Clickers work in-class with multiple-choice questions, and effective questions engage students in higher-level learning throughout a class session. Consider what questions might work well and when to present them.

In addition to taking basic attendance, Clicker exercises can help:

  • Test student knowledge and opinions at the beginning of a class
  • Test (or re-test) student knowledge and opinions after learning activities
  • Support peer instruction, wherein students discuss answers they gave to a question
  • Find gaps in a class's understanding of course material


Using Clickers is a 4-step process.

  1. Pick up an instructor kit.
  2. Set up your classroom (certain classrooms are already equipped).
  3. Run a Clicker session.
  4. Export grade outcomes.

To get started, instructors can pick up kits from the Vancouver CTLT office (in IKBLC 102) or Okanagan CTL office (in SCI 200). Note that your students will need to either purchase a physical Clicker remote or pay a fee to use a web-based REEF polling subscription on their mobile device or laptop. CTLT does have a limited stock of Clickers available for loan as well.

To install i>clicker software onto your computer in preparation for a session, you will need to download it from Connect. Click on the Resources tab, then select Instructor Resources, and then on the software download link in the Software Distribution module. i>clicker software is available for both Windows and Mac.

More details for each setup step can be found on UBC's information page for instructors in the Wiki. Arts ISIT also has a helpful PDF for using Classroom Response Systems effectively.

What tools can I use with this?

Clickers can be used inside a Connect course (syncing with grades there) or used independently outside Connect.

Clickers can also be used inside a Canvas course.

Available support What support is available?

Contact to schedule one-on-one training sessions. Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Clickers has a FAQ for Instructors in the Wiki.

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