Kaltura is a video platform for instructors and students to share video content. Kaltura features include the ability to upload, publish, and search videos, embed video directly in a Connect or Canvas course (that can be reused across multiple courses), and create shortened clips from existing video content.

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Faculty examples How are faculty using this tool?

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Using Kaltura to Share Instructional Videos with Students

Joseph Anthony uses Kaltura in blended and fully online courses, where a large portion of the online content is comprised of short (5 to 10-minute) videos. Joseph finds Kaltura very intuitive for uploading and then embedding into a course, and makes it easier to keep control of the video (i.e. makes it harder to download).

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Getting started How do I get started?

Please refer to these tutorial videos - they will help introduce the basics.

Canvas & Connect
Instructors and students can use Kaltura from inside a Canvas and Connect course, anywhere that has a "Content Editor". Using the "Mashups" button in the editor, you can both upload to Kaltura and embed the videos in the course content.

UBC Learning Videos
Instructors and students can use UBC Learning Videos (https://learning.video.ubc.ca) to manage their media content, including any media content they have uploaded to Kaltura from within the LMS (Canvas & Connect).

For help in putting together videos to upload, consult UBC Studios's media maker's site or the community-sourced DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video toolkit.

What tools can I use with this?

Kaltura is currently used exclusively inside Canvas and Connect. It serves as a video storage platform for courses, but it will soon be available to use outside Connect.

Available support What support is available?

Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and assisted by community members in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Media Learning Community and industry experts from UBC Studios. Additional expertise is available during regular DIY help sessions.

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