Annotation tool to receive support for use outside of Canvas

December 14, 2023 at 1:00 pm

During the past year, the LT Hub has been piloting the annotation tool Hypothesis. Hypothesis lets teaching teams and students annotate and tag online readings, for their own use or to share their notes with each other.

Now that the pilot has concluded, LT Hub Leadership has decided to centrally support the use of Hypothesis—outside of Canvas.

Why was this support selected?

Hypothesis fills a perceived gap in robust annotation tools at UBC, and the pilot demonstrated that its pedagogical benefits can carry across different course contexts. Many teaching teams felt that Hypothesis furthered students learning with each other, supported students connecting with each other, and helped guide instruction in the course. Many students likewise reported that the interactivity improved their engagement with content and peers.

While the Hypothesis integration with Canvas also showed promise, funding is not available at this time for fully integrated support. Instructors and students can instead use the open-source, web-based version of Hypothesis once they create a Hypothesis account on the vendor’s website.

What will happen next?

The Hypothesis integration with Canvas will be turned off for UBC at the end of December.

Going forward, you are free to use Hypothesis outside of Canvas and to contact us in the LT Hub with any questions about this tool.

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