iClicker Cloud ready for polling in UBC courses

September 2, 2020 at 9:00 am

UBC has launched iClicker Cloud, an online student response system for synchronous and asynchronous gradable polling.

Unlike the previous iClicker Classic, no additional devices are required. You download a free app to your computer, and students respond from their browser window.

Most iClicker Cloud data is stored in Canada; however, registration data is stored in the U.S. Students therefore have the option to register with a pseudonym name and email address to protect their privacy. As long as students are informed of the data residency, the iClicker Cloud solution is FIPPA compliant. 

iClicker Cloud is also integrated with Canvas. Once you synchronize your course, you can pass grades from the tool into the Canvas gradebook.

Learn more about iClicker Cloud in UBC’s iClicker Cloud instructor guide and iClicker Cloud student guide.

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