Funding changes for Crowdmark, Gradescope in 2022

November 19, 2021 at 10:30 am

This post was updated in January 2022 to reflect a change that extended funding until the end of 2021 Winter Term 2.

With the return to in-person teaching, the collaborative online grading tools Crowdmark and Gradescope will cease to be centrally funded after 2021 Winter Term 2. Instructors who want to use these tools can still receive central support, but will need to arrange for alternative funding first.

Why central funding is changing

Crowdmark and Gradescope were temporarily funded by UBC for all courses in response to the university going fully online in March 2020. With the return to in-person teaching, the need to support fully online grading has decreased and further funding will not be sought at this time.

Where to receive support

To determine your costs for funding, please reach out to us in the LT Hub. Based on your course(s) and preferred tool, we can provide you an estimated cost per term. You can use this estimate to request funding approval from your faculty or department.

For guidance with choosing between Crowdmark and Gradescope or using either tool, visit the UBC Crowdmark instructor guide or Gradescope instructor guide. The LT Hub will continue to provide technical and teaching support for both technologies.

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