Central support for Crowdmark ending in April 2024

June 21, 2023 at 3:15 pm

The LT Hub’s support for the collaborative grading tool Crowdmark will end on April 30, 2024. Starting in May 2024, Crowdmark will no longer be centrally licensed. This change means that teaching teams will not be able to use Crowdmark as part of Canvas and will not be able to receive LT Hub support.

The LT Hub recommends that teaching teams instead use Gradescope, a different collaborative grading tool that we perceive offers more robust functionality. Gradescope can be used as part of Canvas and will continue to receive LT Hub support.

Why central support for Crowdmark is changing

We have been reviewing the LT Hub’s supported services to ensure that we are supporting tools and initiatives that provide the greatest pedagogical value to UBC. As part of this review, we have identified Crowdmark and Gradescope as two tools with largely overlapping functionality.

In comparing the tools, we have also decided that Gradescope offers better features for our context, including easier grading rubrics, a unique programming-based assignment type, and a more full-featured Canvas integration.

Streamlining our tools in this space will help the LT Hub provide more focused support and help UBC students have a more consistent experience.

How to prepare for the transition

We know changing the technology that you use can be stressful. Please contact us at the LT Hub for help with moving from Crowdmark to Gradescope. Please note that, as with Crowdmark, Gradescope requires Faculties/Departments to provide funding per student per course.

Any teaching teams who decide to continue using Crowdmark after April 2024 will need to procure their own license for using the tool outside of Canvas.

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